Hello world!

I’ve landed…wings more or less intact, one notched pinion and a few filaments to preen back into place. Now to dust myself off a bit and shake loose the last remnants of technophobia as I learn to build a blog. And, even better, enjoy the process! So far, I’ve had fun sorting out visuals for the header and background, and ‘penned’ a few words for the ‘About’ section. Wide vistas open up, almost as enticing as the story-world of Siaris (and, from me, that’s saying something). May the two intertwine fruitfully as they venture into the realm of eBook publication, courtesy of Musa Publishers, in mid-2012. More on that later! For now, Hello Beautiful World.


8 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Thanks, Satima – if a little empty at present. That will change….:) xx I’m planning similar feathery imagery for the website, but in a different colour range (gold/yellow/amber)…have some lovely stuff to play with. It *is* fun doing something visual – has been a while.


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