It’s after Midnight…

And here I am, redesigning the blog. All great fun and a worthwhile learning curve, but the New Posts and Archives are looking mournfully bare. Time is streaming between my fingers and between the flight feathers of Siaris’s inhabitants. Outside – in this world – the wind sounds like an ocean in the gum leaves. Outside – in that world – wind howls around the towers of an intractable fortress while I construct and deconstruct taglines and blurbs.

Daughter of Hope, first novel in The Siaris Quartet, is set for release on June 8 this year with Musa Publishing. Less than five months away! Very exciting, and there is plenty to do before then. Right now, I’m off to bed and will no doubt dream the next blurb….:)


2 thoughts on “It’s after Midnight…

  1. You’re up late too, dear Lisa! 🙂 Yes, black on white is definitely the easiest to read. Oooh – feathers blended into the header….sounds tempting. I’ll no doubt keep playing around with it (and the background) for a while yet – it’s giving the artist in me something to do!
    Thanks for following the blog. xxoo


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