Well, after an inspiring master-class this morning, courtesy of Celina Summers of Musa Publishing, I’m embracing the concept of tags, taglines, blurbs and excerpts in a whole new (and clearer) way…and am set to re-read Daughter of Hope as a reader rather than writer this time. Which will be fun; enough time has gone now to see it ‘fresh’ and get back in touch with the passion of this novel, which sprang out of a 3000 word short story, which became a novella, grew a subplot and turned into the first novel of a quartet!

Now I’m touching base with the magic of that evolution and feeling the wonder of the creative process all over again. 370 000 words later, in the final book of the quartet, the magic just gets deeper. And that’s the beauty of it. I wouldn’t have thought this storyworld I’ve been dreaming and building on and off for almost forty years could surprise me, or pull me in deeper. But perhaps it’s that I’m going deeper, and so this world and its characters are expanding beyond the scope of what I could have imagined years ago, even one year ago.

So, my ‘blue girl’, my daughter of hope, is calling. Hi, Ree ~ it will be a treat to open your story again.


8 thoughts on “Brimful….

  1. Haha – thanks, Keira! No, I’m just playing around with pretty pictures at the moment…but I see what you mean, it could make a nice cover. Ah, the colours….*so* glad to be in this deep blue palette over Perth summer! πŸ™‚


  2. I do love the pretty picture too!!! The class was excellent. I am glad it’s inspiring you as well! Meanwhile, please find me on facebook as Arley Cole. I’ve got a blog at that I try to update whenever I feel strong enough to do so. I am afraid I’ll talk too much about things I should really leave alone!!


  3. Hi Arley, thanks for dropping in! Glad you like the pic and that you’re feeling inspired too, and thanks for the FB Like.
    I know what you mean about blogging…I’ve made a pact with myself to post every week now I’ve crept out into public. πŸ™‚


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