‘Darke Wing’ and the Aeon Award

Well, not this year…

I’ve just heard that my short story Darke Wing missed out on a winning place in the 2011 International Aeon Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy. Darke Wing shortlisted in the first of four rounds over the year, so it’s been a long wait, but I’m very happy to have had a second story reach this award’s shortlist (the first being Swan Wing in 2008).

The Aeon is a terrific award run out of Ireland, with a money prize, publication and a flight to Dublin for the awards ceremony. Sadly, during 2011, one of their four judges, the esteemed and much-loved Anne McCaffrey, passed away. I remember being enchanted by her Dragons of Pern novels in my teens (late 1970s – early 80s), and admit to being quite thrilled at knowing she would be reading my work.

Congrats to the six authors who have made the final stage, and for anyone who fancies a go at the 2012 Aeon Award, you can find the guidelines here. Hmm, thinking cap on…what to send this year…

By the way, Swan Wing, which was the first short story I wrote, found a perch late last year in a truly fantastical anthology, WTF?!, by the good folk at Pink Narcissus Press.


8 thoughts on “‘Darke Wing’ and the Aeon Award

  1. Wonderful to get that close, & yes, Anne McAffrey is a sad loss. I also loved her earlier Dragon books. But congrats to you & you’ll probably come up trumps hnext year. Wouldn’t that be fantastic πŸ™‚


  2. Gosh Keira, you sound like a…positivist! πŸ˜‰ Thanks, and I’ll find or pen something to put in this year….at least there are four rounds, so it’s low on pressure! How about you…have you got any short stories floating that whisper ‘Aeon’ in your ear? πŸ™‚


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