‘Elf Love’ revisited…

I’ve just read a blog post by Rose Mambert, visionary (and elf-loving) Editor-in-Chief at Pink Narcissus Press, which stopped me in my tracks. Two amorous elves posing with a copy of Elf Love, the first anthology from Pink Narcissus (Feb, 2011) and my first US publication, with a Romeo-and-Julietesque story ‘Feather Fall’. The cover art, by Duncan Eagleson, was inspired by the lead characters of ‘Feather Fall’, Kieri and Rathen, a pair of clan-crossed elvish lovers. Unlike R & J, I’m glad to report Kieri and Rathen managed to survive their family differences and make a daring escape. It’s quite surreal to see them ‘fleshed out’ by a pair of lovely and willing elf-kin (thank you Spencer Chamberlain and Gaberial Darling)!

Along with ‘Stone-singer’ (which appeared in Winds of Change from CSFG in Sept, 2011), ‘Feather Fall’ is set in the storyworld of my current novel quartet, and the best thing about taking time out to write these short stories – apart from seeing them in print – is that they have already sprouted plans for sequel novels. So if I ever find motivation slipping when it comes to finishing the current ‘work in progress’, there are tantalizing, sparkly little carrots dangling in front of me, saying ‘look at the future view’…

'Elf Love' by Pink Narcissus Press

Spencer Chamberlain and Gaberial Darling with a copy of 'Elf Love'


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