Quotable Tuesdays…

At the eleventh hour (well, 10:46 pm), here’s an offering for the Musa authors’ weekly game of quoting from one of their novels on a Tuesday:

Day 1072

I’ve never seen anything like her before. Well, I’ve never seen one of them before. She’s so vivid. There’s a light around her, pale blue like her skin. Her eyes are so deep — they’re how I imagine the undersea would look, below the mist Brei used to tell me about.

I still feel warm! I can’t remember how long it is since that happened.

I wish Brei could meet her. Too late. But perhaps when I’m sent Under, I’ll find him and tell him about her. It’s strange — I’d heard they were all cruel.

I think she will be my friend.

(Erren, writing in his diary about Revetia, Daughter of Hope)


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