August Poem

Trawling through the archives, I found this little piece for the Monthly Poem series. ‘Feather Falls’ wafted in not long after moving to my current home a few years ago, and is an observation of feathered life in the garden. It also no doubt flew to mind since a much-loved pet, ‘Budge’, has been on my mind today. It’s a year since he passed on, after tackling a giant centipede on the carpet near my bare foot. My little hero…bless you, dear Budge.


Feather Falls


feather falls –

peewee splashes black and white

struts the courtyard

under cascades of pandorea

preening his soprano call


feather falls –

parrot strips silver wattle

gently turns seed casings

beak, tongue, claw wrap

and twist with engineer’s precision

peeling husk from feast


feather falls –

white silk floats on water

shivers on dark mirror

mirage of a heron

dips lemon-scented fronds


feather falls –

angel drifts down

mottled granite shoulder

footfalls quieter than stone

apricot sunrise spills

through less material wings


‘Budge’….our little angel
Aug 4th, 2011 Rest in Peace


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