Character Column: Meet Riana

Welcome to the new weekly Character Column, a place for writers to bring along the favourite character/s from one of their novels or stories and introduce them to us! A wonderful, varied line-up of heroes, heroines and otherwise (as well as their creators) plan to drop by on Wednesday afternoons, so ‘stay tuned’.

With my new novel Reunion: The Siaris Quartet Book Two to be released in two days, I’m going to start the ball rolling with Riana, one of its lead characters and closest to my heart.

Riana was the first ‘humanlike’ character to walk – or fly – into Siaris, a storyworld that started to take shape during my childhood. Before her arrival, Siaris was the playground of winged horses, dragons and other fantastical creatures, so perhaps it wasn’t surprising that Riana entered on golden wings, with magical powers and a glorious, imperishable body made of light. She was joined by a male counterpart, her twin, and an ever-enlarging family, in this beautiful world. As on Earth, however, the peace could not last forever; high contrast spilled into Riana’s world and sought to over-run it.

Her response to the onset of violent antagonism was brave, idealistic and protective, but it was her attempts to adapt emotionally and mentally to the changes in her life (not always successfully) that endeared her to me. I have walked a very long road with Riana and her loved and not-so-loved ones, and discovered with her exactly what it would take for her to encompass the extremes of her situation, its griefs and joys, in a way that would take her beyond conflict. After all this time, it is still a thrill to travel with her and witness her evolution. Along with a few other key players, she took over the story of Siaris and writes it herself. Glimpses of her path ahead do filter through, tantalizing, and transforming…I’m glad to tag along for the ride of several lifetimes!

Riana appeared on the fringes of the first book in The Siaris Quartet, Daughter of Hope. In Reunion, we fly deep into her heartland. If you would like to know her better, Reunion will be available at Musa Publishing from Feb 8th.



8 thoughts on “Character Column: Meet Riana

  1. Love this new idea of yours, Joanna! Brilliant! Gives us some insight to your character(s) plus a little about your upcoming release! What a great marketing idea! Cheers and best of luck!


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