The Easter Magic of Hunnies and Bunnies

It’s Easter Monday morning here in Perth, Western Australia, cool and mild after the wettest March recorded in forty years (which followed the dryest February and hottest temps ever recorded here at 50C). Perhaps the rain accounts for the enormous blooms on our Easter Lilies this season, and their stunning deep pink colour. Whatever the cause, their synchronicity with an inner journey has been magical to me, as has this whole Easter. The ‘themes’ of Easter, compassion, renewal, rebirth, resurrection, have run especially deep…beginning with the lilies, and rabbits.

This year's deep pink Easter Lilies bloom.

This year’s deep pink Easter Lilies bloom.

I have always loved animals, and have been involved with many animal welfare causes over the years. Most recent has been petitioning a top TV chef and restaurateur in Australia to stop promoting and serving rabbit meat (successfully, yay!), after becoming aware of intensive rabbit farming practices (the fact that they have the highest cage mortality rate of all farmed animals says enough). As the owner of a very affectionate and loving companion rabbit, a beautiful New Zealand White named Pixie, this was/is particularly close to my heart. High empathy can take its toll, in a world where abuses by humans to other humans, animals, and the planet itself, are endemic. At the same time, I know what inner peace is, what it means to feel and be steady in the centre of the heart – and have no wish to be rocked out of it by the ‘suffering of the world’.

The beautiful Pixie

The beautiful Pixie

A few weeks ago, I asked for inner guidance on staying centred and holding my course steady, no matter what imbalances the ‘apparent reality’ continues to produce. What came back was a specific visualization/meditation, using a carmine-pink coloured diamond in my heart, radiating that colour outward, with the intent of compassionate devotion and dedication. Using this practice every day has helped me enormously, and has brought the ease I was asking for. Imagine my delight when the Easter Lilies opened – in this exact shade, for the first time ever (before now, they have always bloomed a pale pink-white).

When your eye is tuned to them, such synchronizations abound. With the good fortune of connecting with many loving souls via social media, especially Facebook, this ‘aligning’ of thought-action-reflection occurs daily. The number of times I have opened my ‘Wall’ or messages, to find a picture I have dreamed the night before, or a phrase that mirrors the exact sentiment I have been focused on the minute before is beyond count. Most of these ‘reflectings’ come from people around the world who I have never met, and probably will never meet, in physical reality. Yet the loving recognition is so clear that we naturally mirror each other’s inner journeyings, and lift each others’ spirits.

Pixie relaxing after her Easter deliveries.

Pixie relaxing after her Easter deliveries.

So I sit here now recovering from a slipped disc and spinal sprain, smiling ear to ear, poised to rewrite the last section of my third novel…from a series of ‘small, choppy waves’ into an affirmation of undying love and new promise…and complete this ‘energy’ of re-birthing, re-newing, re-storing, re-covering and, in this case, re-writing! To all the hunnies and bunnies in my life – soul companions, family members, friends, mentors, and fellow authors – huge thanks and big hugs go out to you all.



8 thoughts on “The Easter Magic of Hunnies and Bunnies

  1. Beautiful post, Joanna! Like does indeed attract like, and our life reflects our thoughts and feelings. Hope your recover and feel better, and wishing you all the best in whatever you put your hands, heart, soul, and mind to. Cheers! BTW – love Pixie!


    • Sharon, thank you! Like does attract like indeed…sometimes the tricky bit is sorting out the messages going out *subconsciously*. I’m already feeling al lot better, and thanks very much for the good wishes! All the same to you too! 🙂 xxx


  2. May beautiful surprises like those unexpected pink lilies keep popping up in your life Joanna…your messages of hope and love have traveled clear around the world for so many; may the peace and joy return to you one hundred fold and ever sweet! Healing thoughts to you from me.


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