Character Column: Meet Lizzie T. Leaf and ‘Dovey’…

Today we welcome multi-published and awarded author Lizzie T. Leaf and her favourite character from the DEAD series, Dovey, to the Character Column Lounge! Make yourself right at home, Dovey, but…um..maybe don’t sit quite that close please?

Creatures of Darkness Can Make You Laugh Too….

I like humor in my life.  I also enjoy reading and writing humor.  So when asked to do a Halloween story, no surprise my mind went in that direction.

I took the bull by the horns and did it “my way.”  In DEAD Awake, the heroine (thanks to a Jewish friend who suggested the idea) is a socialite (who becomes Dovey Diving) from a Jewish family that keeps a kosher kitchen.  Our gal is a little on the wild side (think Paris Hilton) as well as a paparazzi darling.  Her hook-up with a “hot” guy in a vampire costume at her annual Halloween party, changes her life…forever.

She wakes up smelling pine and discovers, thanks to the helpful stranger lurking outside the funeral home, she’s now one of the living dead.  And, her new main food supply is blood.  Yuk!  She doesn’t eat food that has snuggled against blood, let alone drink the stuff.  But a girl can get hungry and real hunger can cause values to slip.

Next, the idea to have Dovey make her own changeling started to play in the back of my mind and thus BJ came to be and her story DEAD Faint.

Okay, things did go a little darker with DEAD Hunter, but hey, we’re talking evil demons out to convert our heroine from her true calling of demon hunter into gal to take out their enemies…vampires.  Nothing a little brainwashing won’t fix…right?

DEAD Memory produced the question…what would happen if a vampire woke up and didn’t remember he was a blood sucker?  Would the female that nursed him back to health catch on to his true being?  Not as dark as the prior book, but still a little less of the fun created in the first two books.

Then the humor came roaring back with DEAD Hot.  Shifters that are blends as our stars, attitude from the evil female out to help destroy the vampire king, and of course, hot sex between our two main characters.

And though I love all my lead characters, Dovey is special.  She’s the one that kicked off the series and appears in each book.  In some stories her roll is more in the background and in others, she interacts strongly with the main characters.  I love her snarky attitude and how she grew from a Pampered Princess in her mortal life to an immortal with flaws that developed strength and compassion she didn’t know she had in her.

The point is, vampires and other creatures of the night don’t always have to be scary, blood hungry, beasts.  They can have “attitude” that will make you smile.  And when they connect with a soul mate, they need love too.

Thanks for joining us, Lizzie and Dovey. Whew, that girl is a heroine with attitude, for sure! Keep growing those immortal qualities, princess, they suit you well.


Will family secrets let Sharla find love with a guy that cats around?

Sharla Gomez’s dream encounter with the man she’s lusted over for months turned into rain-soaked nightmare. Her hopes of love and passion have gone to the dogs. Being a shifter is hell, especially when you’re a Pug/Chihuahua mix, or as some call the breed, a Chug. Even dogs don’t want to be told they’re so ugly they’re cute?

Dorsey Smith wants to get to know the exotic number-cruncher in charge of the strip club’s books. Just his luck she disappeared before he could ask her out for coffee. Instead of taking home the woman he lusts for, he takes home the small, drenched dog shivering in the rain. When he discovers the animal missing the next morning and he senses magic in the air. Has his safe haven been discovered and will his secrets be revealed?

Can two people with deep secrets discover the truth about each other and still find love. Or will the secrets and the evil lurking drive them apart?


“Hey, beautiful. Want another drink?”

Sharla glanced down at the hand covering hers. Chills ran down her spine, and she looked into Dorsey’s eyes—eyes that always fascinated her. Strange eyes that changed from gray-green to varying shades of green, but the thing that spooked Sharla was the reddish tinge in the whites that appeared sometimes. “Why not? I’m going to be here for a while it seems.”

“Good. At least I’ll have sane company at one end of the bar.” Dorsey flashed a smile as he moved off to make her mojito.

As he muddled the mint and poured the rest of the ingredients into a shaker, she wondered what he really was all about. At their first meeting she’d detected that he was a shifter, but when he’d touched her hand the next time she came into the bar, the chills that surged through her didn’t agree.

He set the drink in front of her and leaned over to say something when a summons came from the other end of the bar. “Dorsey, I need a refill.”

His smile said sorry, but Sharla figured he had good manners and only nodded. The reality was that he was heading back to greener pastures and the kind of females who probably warmed his bed, not some odd looking, big-butt gal.

DEAD hot is available at Musa Publishing.

See all of Lizzie’s books at her website.

WARNING: Lizzie’s books include possible exposure to sexy heat or bouts of laughter.

Connect with Lizzie:


11 thoughts on “Character Column: Meet Lizzie T. Leaf and ‘Dovey’…

  1. Lizzie – I think your series is DEAD-ON! Sorry couldn’t resist! Thanks for showcasing Dovey on Joanna’s blog today! Cheers and best wishes with your series!


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