Character Column: Meet Emma Lane and her ‘three sisters’

Today, we are joined by romance author, Emma Lane, and not one, but three of her favourite characters from her Regency Romance series, The Vicar’s Daughters. Fortunately, the character lounge is extendable! Welcome, and squeeze in those pretty frocks, Frances, Belinda, and Melanie. Don’t worry, there’s room for all of you. 

The Vicar’s Daughters  is a collection about young sisters, each leaving home in their turn to find their place in society as adults. In My Passionate Love, the eldest sister, Frances, meets her mate on a dusty country road. She’s an over achiever who thinks she can never live up to her saintly mother. Richard, who courts Frances, doubts he is able to take the reins of a country baron and succeed. Both learn to live and love with self confidence.
A Scandalous Design pits  beautiful Melanie Robinson against society’s rules as she tries to achieve her ambitions as a designer of women’s clothing and take her place in society while engaged to a handsome lord. Temptation from a dangerous rogue creates more conflict.
Belinda, My Love introduces the sweetest of the sisters. Belinda has never doubted her role in society as she follows her late mother’s success as a healer of the sick,  naming it firmly “God’s work.” The smitten lord who loves her goes to elaborate pains to smooth his way into her heart without damaging her reputation. It’s delicious to see a rogue meet his match.
In Beloved Soldier Returns, while learning of the adventures of a displaced soldier, we see a slice of the lives of our three sisters as they gather for a Christmas reunion. How many children are running about at Frances’ house? Did Belinda give up her still room for a handsome lord? Has Melanie stopped designing beautiful gowns and left the dress shop to her friend?
Emma Lane lives and writes in Western New York. She has two adult children and two superior grandchildren, plus a very patient husband. She writes Traditional Regency as Emma Lane at Musa Publishing  and Cozy Mysteries at another publisher as Janis Lane. Look for a new release in June as a strong and managing female is confronted by a typical male attitude in a rugged lord in The Duke and Miss Anabel Hawkins
Emma, thanks so much for giving us a peek through your Regency window today! Wishing you and your young ladies (and gentlemen) every success.

7 thoughts on “Character Column: Meet Emma Lane and her ‘three sisters’

  1. Nice of you to squeeze all of Emma’s gals into one post, Joanna! That Emma is one writing machine! Best wishes with all your publishing ventures!


  2. Ah Ha! Found the comment button. I am nothing but tech challenged. One more coming up, Sloane. I enjoyed writing The DUKE AND MISS AMABEL HAWKINS. She’s a pip of a heroine. Thanks Joanna, Sharon and Sloane and all you folks who tweeted, facebooked and linked for me. Such good people out there. 🙂
    Emma Lane


    • Emma, I sure know the feeling (of being tech-challenged, that is)! It’s a pleasure to host you and ‘the girls’. All the best for your next heroine…and hero, of course. 🙂


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