High Lights

I just came across this text, and read it a few times:

Each challenge is there to guide you
toward the desire of your heart
Each problem, seen from the positive side,
always turns into a blessing
Each sorrow leads you to your joy
Each doubt–to your knowing
Each lack–to your abundance
Each debt–to your freedom
Each feeling of hopelessness–to your power
Each cry of pain–to your comfort
Each act of war–to your peace
Each act of anger–to your love
And each journey through darkness–into the light. *


It reads like a summation of my goals as a writer. If I can take the characters in my novel series through each challenge, problem, sorrow, doubt, lack, feeling of indebtedness, hopelessness, pain, war, anger and journey through darkness,  transform them into light – and show what choices transform them – the books will achieve their purpose.

It also feels like a summation of my goals as a human being. If every ‘shadow’ can be transformed – alchemized, since this seems to me an inner alchemical process – into desires of the heart, blessing, joy, knowing, abundance, power, comfort, peace, love and light, then  I will have brought about the freedom to create in full consciousness, with bliss. For bliss. Well, it’s worth aiming for! I can imagine it all, and that is more than half-way there…..

Would you like to share your goals? And if you’re a writer, do you see your stories express you own life goals in a direct (or indirect) way?

* (from ‘High Lights: the Wisdom of the Intenders’)



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