Giveaway! Reunion: The Siaris Quartet Book Two

To celebrate having signed a contract with Musa Publishing for Vow’s Answer, third novel in The Siaris Quartet – and the arrival of a limited edition print run of the second novel, Reunion – I’m giving away 3 beautiful trade paperback copies of Reunion: The Siaris Quartet Book Two!

To enter the draw, simply add a comment to this post, including your name and contact details, which can be either your email address, blog address, twitter or Facebook, whichever you prefer….just as long as I have a way of contacting you if your name is drawn out of the hat! (Being old-fashioned, I really am going to write all your names down and put them in a hat, with supervision by my trusty white rabbit)…

galley cover

Here’s an excerpt from Reunion:

Ravin’s smile dropped as he wiped a hand over the sweat sheening his neck and jaw in the press of bodies. A young woman pushed up against him.

“Easy,” he muttered.

Then he realized she was swaying under a combination of travel fatigue, heat and high excitement. He caught at her arm, but she crumpled onto the cobbles. Acting on reflex, he knelt at her side and turned her head to stop her choking.

“Give her some spa–” he began, but the close-packed visitors were already parting around the stricken girl.

Before he had time to wonder, slender fingers settled on the girl’s brow, the golden glow around them jerking his head up to meet a pair of brilliant amber eyes. Shock thumped into his stomach. Before he could assimilate the effect of that quick glance, the Hiniran woman’s attention returned to the girl stirring under the spells curling out from her hand. Ravin took a breath, trying to settle himself. Because of his position on the Council of Dominas he’d met members of the Hinir before, plenty of times – but not this one.

He watched her, unhinged from all he knew, from the stones beneath his knee, from the people clustered on the bridge. Amber-tinged feathers and skin like pale silk saturated his vision. She spoke in her own tongue, and he knew the last word was a command to counter the void forming around her spell, a void of heat and darkness that would have scorched his skin at this range.

When the woman turned back to him, Ravin’s state of suspension only deepened. Confusion flickered in her eyes, followed by a look he didn’t understand but which sent a singing sensation through his body. For what he saw was a sense of shock equal to his own, and a recognition so intimate it sent the orange sparks in the woman’s halo shooting up his arms.

“Who – who are you?” That I should feel this way? Her whisper thrummed through him, as did the unspoken question running in its wake.

“My – my name is Ravin,” he managed to stutter. “And you’re Lenea.” How could he possibly know her name? He wasn’t a sensitive.

She got to her feet, her lips open and trembling, not responding to the thanks of the young woman whose upper back was still resting in Ravin’s arms. Lenea backed away from him. The crowd closed in again, and she was gone. Ravin automatically helped the girl to her feet, and tried to steady himself. The stones didn’t shift under his shoes, but he felt as if the world was spinning, re-forming into a shape he didn’t understand. He gulped in a hard breath, and searched the pathway and gardens ahead for Lenea’s bright form. She wasn’t there.



12 thoughts on “Giveaway! Reunion: The Siaris Quartet Book Two

  1. Sounds intriguing! I’d love a copy!

    When I finish reading books, I donate them to the library at the prison where I used to work, which gives them great exposure without costing a sale (none of the readers would be able to buy one anyway, and they have no access to e-books)

    Unfortunately, the inmaes, many of whom are avid readers while incarcerated, seldom continue the habit when released.


    • Great, Kathleen, first name in the hat! And what a great thing to do with books you’ve read; well, this one has a strong ‘imprisonment’ theme, so they could no doubt relate. It’s also about holding one’s inner strength……xx


  2. Loved the first book and would love to read this one also Joanna. You can let me know on Facebook lotsa love Diana xx


    • Hi RB Austin, thanks very much for the congrats! You’re still in time for the draw…I’m running it until this weekend, so your name is now in the hat!
      Thanks again, and I’m glad you enjoyed the excerpt. 🙂


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