Vow’s Answer cover reveal

A big thank you to Musa Publishing’s artist/designer Kelly Shorten for providing Vow’s Answer, third novel in The Siaris Quartet, with this beautiful cover!


Can love change a world’s fate?

The Morraeth have always wanted one thing: Siaris. And they will stop at nothing to attain it. With Maeran still enslaved in their power and Riana returning to be with him, the world can easily fall prey to evil.

Xereth is riding high on the promise of victory and searches out weaknesses in his foes. Old grudges are subtly inflamed and new deceptions put into play. With the Guardians distracted and pulled away from their ancient duty to protect Siaris’s more fragile species, everyone is in danger. Hidden threats are mounting, in the hands of embittered humans, in the lure of fragile beauty, in the planet’s air.

While Riana and Maeran stand reunited, their son Daimen has his own path, and the Morraeth are watching. Daimen’s actions will challenge Sier and the Aer to break through all their fears. When pushed to their limits, will the Guardians stand together, or fall? Who will save the world?


You can catch up with the first two novels of The Siaris Quartet here:

Daughter of Hope: Book One of The Siaris Quartet

Reunion: Book Two of The Siaris Quartet


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