Music for flying

While sitting at my laptop writing Ascension, final book of The Siaris Quartet, through the hearts and minds of its ‘incarnate angels’, I have the wonderful gift of looking out the window into lush late winter treetops – and as in my novels, I am kept company by a host of ‘winged beings’. Here’s an introduction to some of my feathery friends and inspirations….


There’s nothing quite like being woken in the morning by a family of kookaburras laughing outside your bedroom! After a cautious approach, a group of five gradually worked their way from the fringes of the garden closer to the house. We are now on hand-feeding terms, and Papa Kooka has landed on my arm a few times.


This pair of pink and grey galahs are a recent addition to the array of birds who visit the feed table.


The giants of the cockatoo family, black cockatoos and red-tailed black cockatoos, fill the air with their high, windswept calls.


The vivid emerald, blue and yellow of Port Lincoln Parrots are a beautiful sight, and their antics and interactions are always a delight to watch.


Magpies are curious and playful by nature, and are excellent mimics (I knew one who grew up with dogs, ran around barking and rolled on its back to have its tummy rubbed). If I leave the door open, these bold birds are likely to saunter into the house.


We have several types of doves in this area, of which these magnificent bronzewings are the largest. When being ‘territorial’, they raise one wing, and the underside is like polished copper.


I could post hundreds of photos, but will instead leave you with a beautiful piece of music by Arnaud Van Beek, from his album Peregrine Falcons, which I find perfect for flying…..with the angels of Siaris. πŸ™‚






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