The Siaris Quartet ~ Christmas Giveaway!

Welcome to my Christmas Giveaway of the first three novels in The Siaris Quartet: Daughter of Hope, Reunion and Vow’s Answer! While the final book, Ascension, is preparing for release by Musa Publishing in 2015, enter the draw now to feast your imaginations on an epic fantasy of immortal love, the quest for freedom from oppression, and the power of friendship, in a world of deeply-layered magic, beauty, peril and transformation.

As a special bonus, as well as three e-book sets of the three novels (in the e-format of your choice), I’m giving away a trade paperback limited edition of Reunion: The Siaris Quartet Book Two.

So enter now, by leaving a contact email, blog or website address in the comments below, to be in the draw on December 22nd. Good luck, and Merry Christmas!

CreaticeInspiring-Modern-Christmas-Candles-Decorations-13 - Copy


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