Stanza Spot: Flying is Easy

Here we are, six days into 2015! I’ve resolved to focus this year on writing more poetry, after a slim writing year overall in 2014, with only two poems winging their way in (and out). One of them was Flying is Easy, a poem penned ‘at the last minute’ to enter in the Karen W. Treanor Poetry Award 2014, in which it was fortunate enough to place third. I got the poem to the Post Office ten minutes before the postmark deadline for the competition, which was cutting it pretty fine! Sometimes, that closing door works for me like a little key turning, and the ‘poem butterfly’ flutters through like a beam of bright light.

The award was judged by Annamaria Weldon. Here’s an extract from her report (posted at the Katharine Susannah Pritchard Writers’ Centre website):

I admired this poem for its inclusion of a complex geometric premise in a description of passion, and for the care taken with vocabulary and language. I was unfamiliar with Hinton’s tesseract or hypercubes – though the words suggested arcane mathematical terms. When I understood the juxtaposition of a visualisation of 4 dimensional geometry with the poem’s sensuous depictions of physical intimacy, the illusion of that altered state of consciousness which can sometimes attend a passionate encounter was greatly increased…this is an exceptionally assured work which is as original and heroic as Icarus in its reach.

To poets and writers, how do you catch ‘that moment’ of inspiration? Do you work best to a goal or deadline, or with relaxed, contemplative ‘spaces’….or a bit of both? Wishing you all a happy and fulfilling scribe’s year! 🙂




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