Pictures in the Sky ~ Part 1

With a lifetime of looking upward in awe and appreciation at the ever-changing artwork of the sky, it’s little wonder its colours, shapes and textures find their way constantly into my novels, stories and poems. Lately, the skies here have become a mirror of signs and symbols, and I’d love to share some of them with you. It could take a few posts! I hope you enjoy the grace, beauty, power and tenderness in these offerings from the heavens as much as I do.

From the great poet, Rumi:

‘The Beloved tilted the nightsky, and the garden ran with stars.’







DSCF4802 - Copy

DSCF4951 - Copy





DSCF4522 - Copy



5 thoughts on “Pictures in the Sky ~ Part 1

    • Thanks, dear Ch’kara…..courtesy of the beautiful sky! The skyview where we live now is narrow (because we’re in a small valley) compared to the big panorama from our previous home, so I get these ‘windows’ of clouds and light now between trees….and they are truly awesome! โค ๐Ÿ™‚

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