Pictures in the Sky ~ Part 2

“Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.”  ~ A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.”   ~ Rumi

Trails and angels, cloud doves and ibis, rings and ripples – on December 23rd the sky above my house told a story. Decipher it as you will………… 🙂




DSCF4652 - Copy - Copy

P1020337 - Copy


P1020362 - Copy - Copy - Copy (2)

P1020362 - Copy


P1020363 - Copy

P1020369 - Copy




Wishing you all a joyful, magical week! May your heart see its reflection in the mirror of the sky…. ❤


4 thoughts on “Pictures in the Sky ~ Part 2

    • Ang, thanks sweety….and thanks for visiting here! Well, I’ve just taken Rainjan out for a driving lesson, and we couldn’t see more than 20 metres ahead on the roads, the smoke is extremely heavy and the air is still. Waiting for a good breeze to clear it.

      Hope all is good for you so far this year. Hugs ❤ xxx


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