The Siaris Quartet special offer!

To coincide with the second anniversary of the release of the second novel of The Siaris Quartet, Musa Publishing has a ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ offer running through the rest of February for the first three novels in the quartet. So if you don’t yet have them, and would like to read Daughter of Hope, Reunion and Vow’s Answer, now is the time!

Follow this link, and use the coupon code ‘SiarisQrt’ in the purchase section’s coupon box to receive your free book. Happy reading!



The fate of an entire world will be decided by the actions of one magical young girl.

The Guardians of Siaris have been warring for thousands of years, torn apart by betrayal and lost loves. Xereth waits patiently for his chance at revenge. The only thing standing in his way is one of his own offspring.

As Xereth’s daughter, Revetia is destined to help him destroy Siaris and those who wronged him, but Revetia’s will is strong. With hope and help, she might be able to break free from Xereth’s tight and treacherous clasp, but at what price?

Sier has always tried to stay out of affairs that threaten his family’s safety. When Revetia asks him for help, she forces him into a position that could cost his family, the elden, and humans their lives. Is he prepared to put those he loves and protects in jeopardy?

With the fate of Siaris resting on Revetia’s shoulders, will her actions trigger a war between gods, slaves and Guardians?



Immortal love was never meant to be broken, but the road to restoring it is beyond imagining.

The world of Siaris has been thrown into chaos. Xereth, still reeling from the loss of his children, has bided his time and waited years for the perfect time to exact revenge. That time is drawing near. Little does Xereth know, he’ll have unsolicited help along the way.

Long-dormant prejudices have surfaced among the humans and elden of Siaris, and they are turning their hate toward their Guardian protectors. Neither visions nor spell-craft can predict the mutiny being prepared in their protectorate, and when a human and Guardian fall in love the rule banning their marriage only ignites the drive to retaliate.

In the world Riana and her Guardian family protect, war has broken out, led by the man who once loved her, now Lord of the Shadow Realm. The old rules are crumbling, the spells engraved in the Guardians’ bones are breaking down. Will Siaris and its Guardians survive the changes?



Can love change a world’s fate?

The Morraeth have always wanted one thing: Siaris. And they will stop at nothing to attain it. With Maeran still enslaved in their power and Riana returning to be with him, the world can easily fall prey to evil.

Xereth is riding high on the promise of victory and searches out weaknesses in his foes. Old grudges are subtly inflamed and new deceptions put into play. With the Guardians distracted and pulled away from their ancient duty to protect Siaris’s more fragile species, everyone is in danger. Hidden threats are forming in the air itself, and an enclave of embittered humans awaits only the right weapon.

While Riana and Maeran stand reunited, their son Daimen has his own path, and the Morraeth are watching. Daimen’s actions will challenge the long-estranged Guardian Orders to break through all their fears. When pushed to their limits, will they stand together, or fall? Who will save the world?




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