Wishes for Peace, Happiness and Love to All

Thank you for your company, support, inspiration and creativity throughout 2015, dear readers, friends, family of writers, dreamers, imaginers and life co-creators!

Much love to you all for the Christmas holiday , and sending wishes now for peace, abundance, happiness, ease and light hearts as we go into the New Year. To those who feel alone, lonely or downhearted during the festive season, know that there are many people who think of you at this time, and are wrapping a big ‘hug’ around you now.

As someone who worked for a helpline, I know this time of the year can be challenging for those who feel they have ‘nothing and no one’ – if anyone reading this feels this way, or knows of someone who does, just remember you can always pick up a phone to one of the many helplines (such as Samaritan Befrienders, Lifeline and Crisis Care, in Australia) and there are plenty of folk who are more than happy to be your ‘angels’ for Christmas.

With love, Joanna. ❤


best-christmas-candles - Copy


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