Rose pink, Silver white

I’d like to share a visit this afternoon from a delightful couple. Under simmering midsummer heat, thunderous clouds and a few sparse drops of rain, two Pink & Grey Galahs arrived looking hungry and hopeful. A scatter of sunflower seeds and dried corn brought them onto the paving a few feet from the door, and I was able to sit on the the ground and take the photo sequence below – which tells a story of this loving pair, one bolder, one more cautious, both finally settling at ease on the bricks beside me, trusting and tummies filled. I especially love the way birds of the parrot and cockatoo family use their feet as hands to pick up seeds and surgically peel back casings with their hooked beaks. Occasional callers here, the galahs are soft-hued beauties, with their rosy breasts and faces, light silvery grey backs and white crowns.

Thank you for visiting, feathered friends. You’re welcome anytime! ❤












DSCF7683 - Copy


…and wishing a happy, peaceful weekend to all human visitors to this site. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Rose pink, Silver white

    • Aren’t they lovely, Satima? It was a treat to have them so close – only a couple of feet between us – and I hope they’ll be back soon too. Today the dove family of eight are here, picking out the little seeds left behind by the galahs. 🙂


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