Autumn Blooms

Dear Readers, in the southwest corner of Australia we’ve been experiencing an unusually wet April. As I look out through the window now, rain softly falls, and the garden is a lush green more characteristic of May or June. Before its winter sleep, my favourite rosebush (‘Mother’s Love’) has flowered prolifically throughout the month, and I hope the photos below will bring a smile to your heart, as these blooms do to mine.

These few lines came, while I sat on a step beside this rose:


Love walks the spaces
The gaps between words
Its threads cross synapses, invisible
Uncurling between heartbeats
Love flows
Its ribbons twine life with life
In the bloom of constellations
In the touch of a finger
In an unwinding frond
Love whispers
In the spaces between


Enjoy the spirals and spaces of the rose, the golden ratio in living form …. πŸ™‚






DSC03465 - Copy






5 thoughts on “Autumn Blooms

  1. Sweet poem and pictures. The rose, Mother’s Love, is new to me; but it’s been awhile since I was into growing roses and so many new varieties have come on the market. If I could get back growing roses I would certainly try to get a Mother’s Love. Such a beautiful color and texture.
    At one time I had over a 100 bushes. The one that always bloomed through out the season and the last one to stop blooming was an early Steven Austin rose, Mary Rose.
    My favorite is an Australian rose, Just Joey.

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    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Don. I’m glad you enjoyed the poem and pics. Mother’s Love is indeed a beautiful rose, and has the added delight of one of the most lovely fragrances of any rose…i wish I could send that in the photos as well!
      I love Just Joey too, and also have some wonderful & prolific climbing roses, including Cecile Bruner and Yellow Banksia Rose.
      Keep ‘smelling the roses’. πŸ™‚


      • It is so great that about thirty years ago they began to bring back fragrances to roses. Most of the hybrids developed in the 40’s and 50,s looked good but fragrance was not included. You had to go to the heirlooms to get fragrance.
        And back at you, keep smelling the roses.

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