2024 ~ Creative Future Visioning Opportunity

I just came across a new writing competition ‘2024’, and as this concept is close to my heart, I’ll link it below.

The theme: “Seeking the best credible positive vision of life in 2024, in a satisfying narrative context.

Entropy being what it is, all that we can create, without first imagining it, is a mess!
So. tell us a story we can believe in, about a world not far in the future where things are not perfect but getting better, not just for a few, but for humanity.
This is not easy to do, dystopias abound in all forms of fiction and “utopia” is pronounced with a sneer more often than not. But how will we avoid a horrible future if it is all we can imagine?

So, if you feel motivated to imagine an inspired and inspiring future Earth, this competition could be a helpful focus. What sort of world would you love to see, walk around in, and co-create with?

More info can be found at 2024!




12 thoughts on “2024 ~ Creative Future Visioning Opportunity

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  2. What a great idea, and isn’t it what we do all the time anyway, when we are being positive? I follow Matt Kahn, & he suggests when we see not so good things on TV, we should just send out Waves & Waves of Love, surround the images/people with green/pink energy & wish them the best you can wish them (remember, we are all ONE) it’s one way of creating our future & a better Earth etc etc…..it’s a fascinating topic when you think of it, thanks Joanna, you are a genius & gave me another Light Bulb moment!…..
    Much Love & Blessings, dear SiStar….
    Sylvia Melaynia x

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  3. Thank you dear Sylvia – and you’re right, it it exactly what we do every time we decide to focus love and peace into a crisis or chaotic situation. Speaking and writing out our inspired loving visions and joyful focus help to crystallize those visions in ways that can be shared in a tangible way that makes them more ‘real’ for people who otherwise mightn’t ‘see’ past those stressful situations (whether personal, collective, or planetary).
    Here’s to a worldwide ripple of Lightbulb Moments. 🙂
    Love, Joanna. ❤

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    • It was a lovely post, Joanna, & really resonated with me, a pity it was not an audio post! I Love Love guided meditations….I think my fave ones are from Anrita Melchizadek, I Love her daily practice meditation & try to do it each morning, (I do forget sometimes) so all these posts for me are just confirmation that my Spirit Team are letting me know I AM on the right track,
      I also found this post right after I read yours! From Cedella Marley, Focus on what is….link: https://cultureofawareness.com/2016/09/20/cedella-marley-focus-on-what-is/#comment-405812
      Def feeling THE LOVE….
      Must go, dinner is here! Thanks to my awesome partner Kevin, (the cook)!
      Night Night, darling, Sweet Dreams
      Hugs and xxxxx
      Sylvia Melaynia

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    • Re my last post, Joanna, I gave wrong information!…The Daily Practice Meditations are from Solara-An-Ra….my apologies for the confusion there, there, dear readers…
      Not that I don’t Love Meditations from Anrita…..I Love hers, too, but the Daily Practice ones are not from her!
      Just thought I’d clear that one up….
      Peace and Love to you all…
      Sylvia Melaynia xx

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    • Dear Joanna, Hope you read this! I commented on the last post (Rose-Gold Meditation for 11:11 etc ) but there was not a “Post comment box, so it is just sitting there!. WP said that it is something on your end, but not exactly how to fix it! typical…I have no idea , I just hope it doesn’t happen on my blog! lol..
      Namaste, darling, Peace and Love to you both
      Sylvia Melaynia xx ((HUGZ))

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  5. Dear Sylvia, thanks for coming here to comment, and for letting me know. Hopefully, it’s just a temporary glitch! They do happen now and then. Glad you enjoyed the 11:11 post and the meditation. Love, joy & peace from us too, J&A ❤ xoxo


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