Joanna Fay

I’m a poet and writer of speculative fiction, predominantly fantasy, whose poems and short stories have been widely published and awarded. The world of my novels and several short stories, Siaris, for which I’ve been envisioning characters and stories since childhood, has remained a ‘writing sanctuary’ for observations, learning, memories and dreams through a wonderful, varied life…and it’s always a thrill when a poem wings its way through, to land like a butterfly in the palm of my hand (or fingers on keyboard) for a shimmering, coalesced moment.

The ‘wonderful’ and ‘varied’ included a childhood with many moves across Australia, music, dance, books, books and books (with a hefty serve of classic literature, science fiction and fantasy – if you saw the amount of Tolkien on my bookshelves you’d believe me) and a love of drawing which took me into two decades of work as a visual artist and professional weaver. Travelling overseas and living for several years in the UK stretched my personal horizons in all sorts of ways.

Throughout life, a thread of gold was always there, sparkling in the background, working its way forward through my work as a tapestry weaver and therapist, while raising a child. We have spent the last twelve years in the hills east of Perth, Western Australia, surrounded by trees and wildflowers. We occasionally have kangaroos hopping down the road, and a garden filled with a stunning variety of birds, blue-tongued lizards, bandicoots and goannas.

My current work-in-progress is Ascension, final book in The Siaris Quartet. The first novel in the sequence, Daughter of Hope, was published by Musa Publishing in June 2012. The second novel, Reunion, was released in early 2013, and the third book, Vow’s Answer,  at the end of 2013. With Musa Publishing’s closure in 2015, the novels are currently unavailable. I’ll let you know when Ascension, and the first three novels of the quartet, find a new home!

Meanwhile, I plan to concentrate on a new book, short stories and poetry (see the Awards and Publications sections of this blog).

Stay tuned, and enjoy your journey,

Joanna. ❤

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. What a treat! I had no idea sweet sister you were an author! Ofcourse I’m elated with the news & you are beautiful indeed! I will be your newest & biggest fan! Hopeful I can order from Amazon or wherever to be deliverable to states:-)
    Your life is full of much from reading this, its no wonder you would be an author<3 I wanted to congratulate you as it must feel so rewarding to follow your dreams & gift so many with the weaving of such an amazing woman ! I love you & hope to see you on best selling list ! whatever your dreams are…I believe they will be manifested ,, luv, Pamela<3


  2. Dear Pam, I’ve only just caught up with your comments here – thank you so much for you heartfelt enthusiasm! Much love, and I’ll keep you posted on progress! 🙂 *hugs*


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