Finding our Wings

It’s a pleasure to announce the publication of this year’s anthology of short stories and poems that won prizes or were shortlisted in the 2016 Spiritual Writer’s Network Writing Contest. The theme this year was ‘angels’ – which for me was irresistible! My poem ‘Awakening’ was shortlisted, and is included in the collection.

Congratulations to all the authors and poets represented in Finding Our Wings: A Collection of Angelic Stories and Poems, and warm thanks to the judges. The anthology is available in print and e-book editions at Amazon.





This year has begun quietly on the writing front, though its personal journey of ‘inner work’ so far will no doubt transpose at the right time into poems, stories and new novels. Good news so far is the acceptance of a poem for an anthology, Finding Our Wings, which I’ll post about closer to its release….and that I’m waiting to hear the final decision on a possible book contract.

Meanwhile, I’d like to share some passages I find inspiring, from other (some more, some less famous) writers, beginning with this one by Aldous Huxley, from his last novel, Island, published in 1962. Island has been called a utopian counterpart to his dystopic Brave New World, of 1932. Those three decades saw immense events and changes in the world, but the words below hold good for all days…






Today I’d like to introduce another member of our ‘wild menagerie’ – Bananas the Blue-tongued Lizard! Named after his (or her) favourite food, Bananas patrols the perimeter of the house most days. Ever since I followed him with a piece of said fruit in hand not long after we moved here, he can frequently be found on the doormat, nose pressed to the door, or loitering around with an expectant air.

Blue-tongued Lizards, also known as Stumpy-tailed Lizards – or ‘Stumpies’ – are territorial beings and excellent guardians if you happen to live in a snake-prone area like the Perth hills. Indeed, the three types of snakes native to this area, Dugites, Tiger Snakes and Death Adders, are all highly venomous and their bites can be fatal. At my last property, a resident Dugite nested and produced snakelings for four years, and with large granite boulders everywhere it was impossible to dislodge her. So, at our current abode, encouraging Bananas with delectable treats to stay in this territory is a win-win for Stumpy and human alike.

I hope you enjoy the photos below, taken during today’s ‘banana visit’.







DSCF7842 - Copy


Thanks, little friend, we love having you around. I’ll write you into a story sometime. 🙂

Do you have wild visitors around your home, and do you actively encourage or help them out with food, water bowls, nesting boxes or materials, or in other ways?

Rose pink, Silver white

I’d like to share a visit this afternoon from a delightful couple. Under simmering midsummer heat, thunderous clouds and a few sparse drops of rain, two Pink & Grey Galahs arrived looking hungry and hopeful. A scatter of sunflower seeds and dried corn brought them onto the paving a few feet from the door, and I was able to sit on the the ground and take the photo sequence below – which tells a story of this loving pair, one bolder, one more cautious, both finally settling at ease on the bricks beside me, trusting and tummies filled. I especially love the way birds of the parrot and cockatoo family use their feet as hands to pick up seeds and surgically peel back casings with their hooked beaks. Occasional callers here, the galahs are soft-hued beauties, with their rosy breasts and faces, light silvery grey backs and white crowns.

Thank you for visiting, feathered friends. You’re welcome anytime! ❤












DSCF7683 - Copy


…and wishing a happy, peaceful weekend to all human visitors to this site. 🙂


Sunset & Flames

Sunset this evening gave a soft counterpoint to the fires burning further to the south, in this southwestern corner of Australia. Thoughts of comfort and fortitude go to the folk who have lost their homes. May residents and animals be housed safely, hurt wildlife be cared for, and brave firefighters stay safe. All prayers and rain dances gratefully received.

The sublime sweeps of today’s setting sun are my focus today for peace and healing.







Wishes for Peace, Happiness and Love to All

Thank you for your company, support, inspiration and creativity throughout 2015, dear readers, friends, family of writers, dreamers, imaginers and life co-creators!

Much love to you all for the Christmas holiday , and sending wishes now for peace, abundance, happiness, ease and light hearts as we go into the New Year. To those who feel alone, lonely or downhearted during the festive season, know that there are many people who think of you at this time, and are wrapping a big ‘hug’ around you now.

As someone who worked for a helpline, I know this time of the year can be challenging for those who feel they have ‘nothing and no one’ – if anyone reading this feels this way, or knows of someone who does, just remember you can always pick up a phone to one of the many helplines (such as Samaritan Befrienders, Lifeline and Crisis Care, in Australia) and there are plenty of folk who are more than happy to be your ‘angels’ for Christmas.

With love, Joanna. ❤


best-christmas-candles - Copy