Daughter of Hope: The Siaris Quartet Book One, Musa Publishing, USA, June 8, 2012.

Reunion: The Siaris Quartet Book Two, Musa Publishing, USA, Feb 8, 2013.

Vow’s Answer: The Siaris Quartet Book Three, Musa Publishing, USA, Dec 27, 2013.

NB: Although the Siaris Quartet novels are no longer available with the closure of Musa Publishing, there are a few remaining print editions of the second novel, Reunion, which can be requested from the author at

Short Stories


Pearl White: A Winter’s Tale‘ at AntipodeanSF online, August 2015 edition.


The Twelfth Hour‘ in Daughters of Icarus, Pink Narcissus Press, USA.


Pearl Red: The Lady and the Unicorn‘ in the Blood anthology from Trunk Books, Sydney, Aust., December 2012.


Swan Wing‘ in WTF?! anthology, Pink Narcissus Press, USA, Dec 2011.

Stone-singer‘ in Winds of Change anthology, CSFFG (Canberra Science Fiction & Fantasy Guild), Australia, Sept 2011.

Black Heart‘ in Dead Red Heart anthology, Ticonderoga Publications, Australia, April 2011.

Feather Fall‘ in Elf Love anthology, Pink Narcissus Press, USA, Feb 2011.


Threadsongs‘ in Shades of Sentience anthology, Shades of Sentience, Australia, April 2010.

Poetry  (writing as Jo/Joanne Mills)


‘What Time is This?’ in The Best of Spiritual Writers Network 2016 anthology, SWN.

The sheet could be silk‘ in the Poetry D’Amour anthology, WA Poets Inc.

Awakening‘ in Finding our Wings poetry and short story anthology, Spiritual Writers’ Network.

Heart of Light‘ in The Light Within poetry anthology, Spiritual Writers’ Network.


Love’s Return‘  in Illuminations of the Soul poetry anthology, Spiritual Writers’ Network.

unnamed (1)pp


Folds‘  in The Stars Like Sand: Australian Speculative Poetry anthology, ed. Tim Jones & PS Cottier, IP Publications, Australia, April 2014.



wind whites the house‘   DotDotDash Literary Journal, Australia, May 2012.


Persephone‘  Westerly Literary Journal Vol. 56.1, Australia, July 2011.


hail-bruised‘  Eucalypt 11, Australia, Nov. 2011.

wonga wonga‘ & ‘black cockatoo‘  Grevillea and Wonga Vine, Australia, August 2011.


Aphrodite’s Smile‘  Blood Orange Review, USA, January 2010.


pile of husks‘  DotDotDash Literary Journal Vol. 1, 2009.

Thread of Life‘   Hair Anthology, Trunk Books, Australia, 2009.



stone relinquishes‘  Eucalypt 4, Australia, 2008.

ice‘ and ‘lies‘   Eucalypt 5, Australia, 2008.


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