“I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers.”

I’m a little late with the annual ‘Spring ritual’ of posting a series of flower photos from my garden – partly because here in south Western Australia we had a particularly long, cold winter. The rain that came with it in abundance has given us a truly wonderful Spring, with wildflowers in bloom that hadn’t been seen for years. The photos below are a little sample of the ‘glory of the garden’ this year, accompanied by some favourite quotes about flowers. Enjoy! 🙂

The temple bell stops, but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers. ~ Matsuo Basho


A flower never worries about blooming, it just opens up to the light. ~ Anon


Fractal geometry is everywhere, even in the lines drawn in the sand. It’s the cycle of life…you see fractals in plants, in flowers. Within the human lung are branches within branches. ~ Ron Eglash


People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us. ~ Iris Murdoch




What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life’s pathway, the good they do is inconceivable. ~ Joseph Addison


The earth laughs in flowers. ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


With love to all,  Joanna. ❤


Because it’s Spring…

With greetings and love to you all, from my garden, wild and rambling, brimming with life, heaven on earth. 🙂

Wishing a beautiful autumn/fall to my friends in the north, and happy spring to my fellow ‘southsiders’.

Firstly, white daisies, with thirteen petals…



Pink geraniums twine with yellow banksia roses…




Nasturtiums flow between gum trees and over the fence…




Geranium, delicate white pink beauty…


Blue flowers creep over the pavements…



Red bottlebrush attracts masses of honeybees…



And black-eyed susan cascades onto the eastern bank…


I hope you’ve enjoyed the walk. Have a great week! ❤

Spring and Spell-flowers

Spring has arrived here in the Perth hills with the most wonderful feast of colours. ‘Feast’ quite literally for me, as I like to add flower petals into my food, and do love the array of colours, scents and shapes filling the garden.

First, I’ll share one of many ‘flower snippets’ from Vow’s Answer, third novel in The Siaris Quartet, then you’re welcome to join me on a wander through the garden….

Riana’s fingertips settled around the hand of her newest student and adjusted his grip on the spell-flower he was constructing. “Watch the stabilizers you’re using, Eberrin. Angle them like this. In’hia emenn-ur.”
Her command tilted the flower’s outer spell-layer inward, pulling it a little closer around the shimmering sphere of healers in its center. White petals slid into place, and the heal-spell glowed a steady gold.

The furrows smoothed from Eberrin’s forehead. He expelled a loud breath and flicked back a blond Sorthirin lock. “I’ll need to practice that.”

Riana took in his crestfallen expression. “You’re doing well. The trick with these portable healers is to overconstruct the holding layer in the first instance so you’ve got a margin for error. We don’t want half the heal-spell leaking out from the petal joints.” She smiled. “Truly, Eberrin, by the time you next visit Sorth, you’ll be taking a good cluster of these with you.”

Eberrin’s face brightened at the prospect. Sorth, most southerly of the elden lands, most harassed by the Shadow Realm’s forces, was always in need of highly trained healers. What Eberrin currently lacked in skill was
more than compensated by his eager will to learn. He would start curbing the impatient choices he made with his craft simply because his desire to aid his people was so strong.

Riana laid a hand on his shoulder and straightened.

Eberrin cradled the spell-flower in his palms as if it were a prized treasure. “Thank you, Lady.” He dipped his head.

Riana nodded. “Never be shy to ask for help.” Her focus shifted across the beds of real flowers nodding under a west wind…


…and from the garden, where a west wind is indeed now blowing very strongly, a wild profusion of nasturtians:





Freesia in full bloom, their delicious light perfume heavenly to breathe in:




Blue Stars scattered through the green, Periwinkles and Anemones:



Intense droplets of colour, Coral Peas:


Dripping sprays of Wonga Vine:


Entwined with purple Hardenbergia, the Happy Wanderer:


Flamboyant geraniums:



And vibrant native Grevillea, favourite of the Honey-eaters:



To my friends here in the South, happy Spring! And to those in the North, may you enjoy a beautiful Autumn/Fall. 🙂