Autumn Blooms

Dear Readers, in the southwest corner of Australia we’ve been experiencing an unusually wet April. As I look out through the window now, rain softly falls, and the garden is a lush green more characteristic of May or June. Before its winter sleep, my favourite rosebush (‘Mother’s Love’) has flowered prolifically throughout the month, and I hope the photos below will bring a smile to your heart, as these blooms do to mine.

These few lines came, while I sat on a step beside this rose:


Love walks the spaces
The gaps between words
Its threads cross synapses, invisible
Uncurling between heartbeats
Love flows
Its ribbons twine life with life
In the bloom of constellations
In the touch of a finger
In an unwinding frond
Love whispers
In the spaces between


Enjoy the spirals and spaces of the rose, the golden ratio in living form …. ­čÖé






DSC03465 - Copy






Sunset of the Gods

‘Can love change a world’s fate?’

Putting the finishing touches on the third novel in The Siaris Quartet, Vow’s Answer, with my editor at Musa, Jessica Robinson, I pause to reflect on the question posed by this novel’s tagline. Can love change a world’s fate? My personal belief is that love can change everything – that it is┬áthe basis of everything – including all our ‘worlds’, inner and outer. The question for Siaris is how to bring that realization through to characters who are conditioned by their very nature to be fatalists, or characters whose faith in the power of love has been eroded by the circumstances they’ve had to deal with, or who have turned their backs on it completely.

Love can magically transform people and situations overnight. I’ve seen it happen, but it doesn’t usually occur that way. Mostly, it’s a process, a path, with steps along the way that rely on how well the preceding step was laid, ┬ápunctuated with moments of epiphany that could be small and intimate or far-reaching. Sometimes the most intimate revelations are very far-reaching. In the world of Siaris, this is certainly true. In tackling the ‘how’ that could build bridges for my characters from their disparate starting points, I ended up revising the last third of Vow’s Answer, and have re-planned the final novel, Ascension, which has resulted in tossing away the first 30 000 words.

So there’s plenty of ‘change’ happening in the writing of this quartet, as I work out what comes after the sunset of the gods, Guardians, elden and mortals of Siaris. Of course, to really understand how to do it, I’ve had to start at home…and change!

Vow’s Answer will be available from Musa Publishing from December 27th, 2013.

The first two novels of The Siaris Quartet can be found here:

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I’ll leave you with a few glorious sunsets I photographed from the garden last week.

DSCF7734 - Copy


DSCF7183 - Copy