2024 ~ Creative Future Visioning Opportunity

I just came across a new writing competition ‘2024’, and as this concept is close to my heart, I’ll link it below.

The theme: “Seeking the best credible positive vision of life in 2024, in a satisfying narrative context.

Entropy being what it is, all that we can create, without first imagining it, is a mess!
So. tell us a story we can believe in, about a world not far in the future where things are not perfect but getting better, not just for a few, but for humanity.
This is not easy to do, dystopias abound in all forms of fiction and “utopia” is pronounced with a sneer more often than not. But how will we avoid a horrible future if it is all we can imagine?

So, if you feel motivated to imagine an inspired and inspiring future Earth, this competition could be a helpful focus. What sort of world would you love to see, walk around in, and co-create with?

More info can be found at 2024!